Literacy - using the latest on-line interactive software.

Literacy SATS Preparation

This can be fun if started in year five and built up gradually. Fundamental concepts that underpin the theory are taught in fun, multi-sensory ways. 


KS3 Literacy Confidence Building

Children have to be able to cope with new ways of studying in KS3. Dyslexic and non-dyslexic learners all benefit from a multi-sensory teaching approach. A small increase in confidence boosts self esteem and improves performance.


GCSE English 

Tuition allows students to develop a better understanding of the the key concepts which in turn helps them to follow lessons and ask key questions. They develop more confidence in asking for information to be presented to them in ways that help them learn. Many see technology as an essential tool in their struggle to negate the effects of dyslexia. A highly structured and multi-sensory approach is adopted which continually reinforces previous learning.




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