Andy Elliman - Tutor and Assessor

Andy Elliman has a Level 7 SpLD (Dyslexia) qualification from Edge Hill University. He has a BEd degree and has been teaching in both state and independent primary and secondary schools for many years. He also has a current Assessment Practising Certificate (APC); assessing students, children and adults for dyslexia and other co-occurring difficulties. He has received advanced training with Read America and is a qualified Phono-Graphix practitioner.


He has spent the last six years teaching phonics, phonological awareness, spelling, reading, handwriting, maths, writing and science in one of the leading specialist schools catering for children with dyslexia and co-occurring learning difficulties. He has also taken SATS English and Mathematics groups and recently started working with local Horsham schools and families, providing dyslexia interventions.


'Teaching individual children with or without dyslexia provides an ideal opportunity to identify what motivates them to learn. I enjoy discovering, with the child, gaps in their knowledge and understanding; helping them to take control of the way they think and learn. When they take ownership of their own learning it isn't long before self-esteem, confidence and achievement improve. Finding out how and what motivates you to learn is a life changing process.


Tutoring individuals after an assessment enables me to provide targetted multi-sensory support and confirm or check the report findings. Tutoring programmes are therefore continually adjusted to improve their effectiveness.


It is amazing how a few tutoring sessions can boost a child's confidence and enable them to 'shine' in class and change teacher expectation. I remember how I moved up a set in Science because my brother simply gave me some time and attention! Small inputs can produce rapid and dramatic improvements'



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