My daughter is 7 and in year 2.  She enjoys maths and after not being at school for a few months and realising I am not a good teacher (!) we have used the brilliant services of Andy to keep up some enthusiasm for the subject.  The set up over Zoom is perfect enabling Andy to make it interesting and interactive.  Andy has a very fun, relaxed and engaging manner which makes the learning all the more enjoyable.  My daughter enjoys every moment and I think would stay on line for a couple of hours if she could!

Mrs F. and daughter, Horsham, West Sussex. June 2020



'Andy was brilliant. I have dyslexia and I found Andy’s online teaching sessions fun and creative. Andy provided new material to help make my personalised sessions exciting and interactive. The sessions were highly engaging and with all my new learning I feel hopeful for the future. I would definitely recommend Andy as a dyslexia tutor.'


Mr. H. Sussex, 24 March 2020.



'Mr Elliman assessed my son then aged 9. I was extremely happy with the content of the assessment and it gave us a clear understanding of the areas that he needed support in. Mr Elliman was able to provide extra help and my son's teacher noticed a significant improvement in his Understanding of Maths. My son enjoyed being taught by Mr Elliman and always looked forward to his sessions. We are confident that with his diagnosis, the recommendations that Mr Elliman provided and extra support given that he will go into secondary school confident and well equipped.'​
Mrs U. and son, Horsham, West Sussex. February 2020
''Andy was very helpful with diagnosing our daughter (in Yr 5) with dyslexia. He put our daughter at ease and made the series of tests fun to complete, but at the same time was very thorough in his approach.

The resulting report was very detailed and accurately diagnosed her
issues. We would not hesitate in recommending Andy as an assessor of

Mr & Mrs L - West Sussex. January 2020
 'Following Daniel’s dyslexia diagnosis Andy’s weekly tutoring lesson have been a huge help both in the learning he has undertaken during the sessions but more importantly in the confidence he has gained that has allowed him to continue his learning more effectively in class.
Daniel has just finished Year 6 and the shadow of SATS loomed over him. With Andy’s sessions coupled with a lot of effort, Daniel was able to improve hugely on the mock SATS scores he attained at the beginning of the year!'
Mr Bruno C. and son , Horsham, West Sussex. October 2019 

Andy has tutored my year 10 daughter since 2017. In this time, she has grown in confidence and now enjoys maths. Andy is extremely knowledgeable and patient which was exactly what my daughter needed in the beginning and now that she has so much confidence with maths, he challenges her to exceed.  He breaks maths down so that it is easy to understand and, in the beginning, made it a fun learning environment. Now that she is in year 10 and studying for GSCE the work pace is quicker, he also challenges her and ensures that she understands the concepts of maths. I am so grateful for all that Andy has taught my daughter and the confidence that he has given her. I would highly recommend Andy, he is polite, punctual, flexible and above all else a great teacher.'


Mrs Jane G. and daughter, Horsham, West Sussex. July 2019



'My son has had weekly tutor sessions with Andy since he was first assessed as being severely dyslexic in 2016. Andy has helped him grow in confidence and has taught him a range of strategies to overcome his difficulties. Having an extra hour of learning each week  has never been a problem as Andy always makes the lesson engaging and fun.'


Catherine and her son, Horsham, West Sussex. July 2019.



'Dear Andrew

I wanted to thank you for the report you've provided for my child. It is so thorough. We really hope it enables school to implement your advice.

Can I provide your details to a parent who has enquired whether I can recommend anyone to assess her 10 year old son at a school in Horsham? From reading your assessment and report on my son I think the same would be be beneficial for them.'


Mrs S. and 9 year old child, Horsham. January 2019



‘When I contacted the various Dyslexia organisations we were offered a number of Assessors to choose from. I'm very glad I chose Andy as his approach was professional, sensitive and understanding and the report he created was extremely good. I have no hesitation in recommending Andy to anyone who needs or has a child who needs a Dyslexia Assessment.’


Mr S. and year 12 daughter, Arundel. October 2018 



'Mr Elliman offers remote tuition (via WhatsApp video) whilst we are away on holiday which works brilliantly for my dyslexic son who needs continuous teaching in the holidays (English, Maths, Science). Mr Elliman makes the lessons interesting, challenging and very useful. My son finds it hard to concentrate but Mr Elliman has a knack of keeping his interest for 2 hour lessons and then sets him homework to do prior to his next remote lesson. 


Highly recommend Mr Elliman and his tutoring either face to face or remotely, especially for dyslexic children.'


Mrs Sarah H and Year 7 child, Horsham. August 2018  



'Andy has made a tremendous difference to our son’s confidence and progress.  Andy has shown a great deal of patience, kindness and dedication.  Andy prepares well for sessions, creating and lending bespoke and differentiate resources tailored to our son’s needs.  We can’t thank him enough!’


Mr D. C. Year 8 son, Horsham, August 2018



‘Andy has been supporting our daughter with her reading, writing and comprehension skills for over a year.


In that time Andy has built a good rapport with her which has developed her confidence to approach her learning, and improved her English language skills through the engaging activities he uses.


Andy is always friendly and reliable, and happy to adapt the lessons and support he provides to best support our daughter.


Andy often gives us feedback about her progress, and provided a comprehensive report of her abilities.’


Mrs H. and Year 8 daughter, July 2018



'A friend highly recommended Andy and I’m so pleased she did. My son has been with Andy only 8 weeks and the school and I have noticed an improvement already. My son refused to do literacy and even left the classroom, as his self esteem and anxiety was low.


M has loved every session and can’t wait to tell me what he has learnt. M’s confidence with reading and writing continues to grow.' 


Mrs R. and ten year old son, Horsham, June 2018



'Andy's comprehensive assessment has enabled us to understand more of our daughter's specific learning issues which she had worked incredibly hard to cover up and had therefore been missed by her school.


It also helped explain some of her frustrations beyond normal teenage angst! This information allowed her to obtain extra time in her GCSE's and also change her learning strategies for her exams and manage to achieve excellent results.'


Mrs K. and sixteen year old daughter, Horsham, August 2017



'Andy assessed me for Dyslexia prior to beginning a University degree course, as a mature student. I am myself a specialist teacher and have witnessed many assessment situations.

Andy provided a professional, calm and flexible approach to my assessment and his report was thorough and accurate.


The report has enabled me to be properly supported by the University through DSA with appropriate hardware and equipment to support my specific needs and training to use it correctly and effectively.  I am also being supported by a specialist 1:1 tutor.


I cannot recommend Andy highly enough and believe that without his report I would have struggled with the first year of my degree, which I have since completed.'


Kate A Albury, mature student, July 2017



'I was very apprehensive about having this dyslexia assessment as I struggle in situations where I am put under pressure. However, Andrew made me feel very calm and took his time to explain what was expected. He reassured  me about taking my time and not  to panic in areas I may become frustrated in: these skills  make a great assessor.

I have learnt new aspects of the way I think and learn which have been a massive eye-opener and will help me in my last year at university.'

Miss C Crawley, 24 year old student, June 2017


'Andy has a very structured, patient, friendly & fun approach to the support he provides & gauges the interest & ability of the child in preparing his work.' 

Mr L Horsham, Year 5/6 child, May 2017


'Andy assessed my daughter for university support. He made her feel relaxed so that she was able to complete the assessment tests and he produced a thorough report. I was able to use this report to get the support that my daughter needed at university.' 

Mrs D Worcester Park, 18 year old student, May 2017






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